About This Site

This is something I had been meaning to get to for a while. When I first started producing Android Apps, I placed them in a "demos" section on the main site. It seemed appropriate at the time. Because they really were just demos. A couple years down the road, it's becoming a little crowded over there. It finally reached a point where I had so many apps that it was time to get one simple download page put together.

All of the apps here are in production. No other information is here. Click on the menu and go to the "Development" section if you would like to read all the additional information concerning any of these projects.

I purposely kept this subdomain really light on content. This section exists for the sole purpose of making my apps and widgets easy to find and download. The Development section, located back at the main site, explains all about each of these projects. So all the information you could ever want is there.