National Days of Observance

There are SO many days of remembrance, or days of unity, or days to celebrate something obscure. There is one for nearly every single day of the year. By some accounts, there actually IS a day for everything. For the purposes of this project we will call them "National Days of Observance". While doing this we will also acknowledge that the term is not exactly correct because many of these observances are international, worldwide, or at the very least not local to the US, or any other nation at all.

I created a full-page standalone version of this app in order to show off how well the API works even off this domain. You may notice that everything about this app is strikingly similar to the Quote of the Day app. And you'd be right. The base code is exactly the same. It's just using a different data set and layout. - National Days

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This program is an attempt to wrangle that all together into one place where you can conveniently see what today's special thing is.

At the risk of stating the obvious, there is some pretty serious disagreement about what constitutes or makes "official" one of these days. Through all of the research that I did, the best source that I could find to seed the database is Wikipedia, and their list of non-secular observances.

This was enough to fill in most days on the calendar. That is a great start. And the program is meant to be scalable. So as new observances are added, we can simply submit them to the database.

The purpose behind this project is the database for the Android National Days app. This page essentially pulls the same information and behaves the same as the app. It was necessary to get this page up and running before even beginning work on the apps.

This page is 100% complete.

Current status of the app - 12-12-2021: Android App has been updated with a new primary view.

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