License Our Apps

We are making a couple of our apps available for license use. We have had some requests for this, so we have decided to make a detailed page to answer any questions you may have.

Apps available for license

  • Concert Lighter (Android | iPhone)
  • Measurement Converter (Android | iPhone)
  • Countdowns (Android | iPhone)

Section 1: Overview

The apps are already written. The development is done. So you will not need to pay for the development unless you want something custom built. This document explains the costs involved in licensing the existing apps.

Note: We have dropped support for all Apple/iPhone projects. The apps are no longer up for licensing. They ARE however, up for sale.

Please use this form to contact us regarding licensing. Please specify which app you are interested in.

What will we do?

You do not want or intend to purchase the code from us. You simply want to license a version for your company’s usage. So we will create a new version of the existing app, separate from the current versions that are available on Google Play and Apple Store. Licensing these apps will not give you exclusive ownership rights to the apps themselves, only this specific version. Other companies can still license their own versions of these apps without interfering with yours. DPoisn LLC will still continue using our versions of the apps as well.

There are a couple of different options we can go with, depending on your needs and budget. In short, the final cost is determinate on what it is you need us to produce and how the project will be maintained going forward. By example, if you choose to generate all your graphic assets in-house, you can save some money over having us do that work.

Timeline and Payment

We are be able to turn these projects around fairly quickly. All of the infrastructure is in place for us to develop, test, and deploy the apps without delay. Android is the easier of the two because the development process is more streamlined. They also tend to approve apps in a more timely manner. Less of a chance of rejection too. For payment, we request that 50% is paid up front, the remainder to be paid when the project goes live.

How do you get people to download the app?

Once the app goes live, it will be available and searchable on the store(s). From that point forward, you can add links to your website, advertise on blogs and social media, put links on business cards, buy Google Ads, etc… Whatever you wish to do to promote the app.

Licensing fees

Development for the licensed version of the app(s) is a one time fee. There is a recurring fee to renew the license every year. This is tied to support for the storefront (Google Play and/or Apple Store). This does not mean that the software itself will expire on a user’s phone. Once they download it, they can use it forever. The license only applies to support and availability on the store.

Section 2: Proposed Packages

There are 2 versions of these apps available. They actually are separate code bases. The Android version is written in Java. The iPhone version is written in C#. They essentially are 2 different apps that share many of the same assets. As such the specifications for the artwork are different. If you intend to do the artwork in- house, I can provide the specs for all assets.

Because they are on two entirely separate systems, a storefront for each version needs to be maintained. Maintenance includes periodic updates to the app. Any time an update is made to the core program, be it an upgrade, or something mandated by Android or Apple, updates will be made to your version as well.

For the sake of keeping this proposal a little more simple, we will detail the price options being the same for each system. Whichever you choose, that would be the price. If you decide to go with both, we will take 25% off the cost of each.


Initial Costs

TaskNotesRecurringAndroidAppleBoth (n/a)
Customize app code Clone current codebase, compile, test One time $725 n/a $725
Maintain storefront and License renewal App updates, content updates Yearly $250 n/a $250
Total $975 n/a $975


TaskNotesRecurringAndroidAppleBoth (n/a)
Artwork Individual graphics, icons, store assets, etc... One time $300 n/a $300
Additional graphics For store(s) Hourly $75 n/a $75
Text content For store(s) Hourly $75 n/a $175
Total $450 n/a $450

If you would like to know more

Please use this form to contact us regarding licensing. Please specify which app you are interested in.