Quote of the Day

The purpose behind this project is the database for the Android and iPhone Quote of the Day app. This page essentially pulls the same information and behaves the same as the apps. It was necessary to get this page up and running before even beginning work on the apps.

This page is 100% complete. As of 9/21/2017, both of the mobile apps are complete too. Well, this was true until Nov, 2020 when I dropped support for all Apple apps and removed it from the store. So, we're back to only the Android version. Sorry.

Note 2020-11-21: I am making some upgrades to the API as well as a couple of the programs that go along with it. If things break, then things break. "I don't always test my code, but when I do, I test it in production" -Abraham Lincoln

DPoisn.com - Quote of the Day [["972","Teach a man to fish and you...well, you`ll always know where to find them.","Some Fark user","","2021-04-13 06:16:58","","webform","2023-11-30","","Humor"]]

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NEW: As a matter of showing how the API can work on a site that is not this site, I created a full-page stand-alone version of this program. Literally all it does is call up the current quote. It also includes a "more" section to show the rest of the data that goes along with it, that is normally not seen.

I have created a Twitter Bot for this. If you don't want to download the app, you can follow the Twitter account, and get your daily quote there.

Current status of the apps - 08-15-2017: Android App is 100% finished.