Quote of the Day

The purpose behind this project is the database for the Android and iPhone Quote of the Day app. This page essentially pulls the same information and behaves the same as the apps. It was necessary to get this page up and running before even beginning work on the apps.

This page is 100% complete. As of 9/21/2017, both of the mobile apps are complete too.

DPoisn.com - Quote of the Day

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NEW: I have created a Twitter Bot for this. If you don't want to download the app, you can follow the Twitter account, and get your daily quote there.

Current status of the apps - 08-15-2017: Android App is 100% finished.


Current status of the apps - 09-21-2017: iOS App is 100% finished. Apple has approved the app.


I tried to get the apps to look and behave exactly the same. And they are pretty close. The only real differences are as follows:

  • Main screen backdrop image doesn't fill the entire screen
  • Data is not saved for later use when offline. Not really necessary since the iPhone doesn't use widgets, which is for what the saved data would be used.
  • Since there is no widget, there is no color customizing dialog
  • Nothing else